Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Saturday!

Yay, Saturday has arrived and it's a beautiful sunny morning to boot, doesn't get any better than that! Well maybe +30 would help, but I won't complain!

I have a fun little treat I purchased for myself to share with you today! For sometime now I've wanted to purchase some handmade soap and with our recent switch to organic/green living it makes sense also.

I had long ago "favorited" Dennis Anderson's Etsy soap shop, so that is where I set out to, he is from Portland, Oregon and he really knows his soap with over 25,000+ sales! These photos are a few of the items I puchased from him. I was so excited when my package arrived this week, full of soapy goodness!

After just one use, I was sold, my skin felt so soft! And I'm so pleased with the scents, fragrant but soft and not over-powering. My kids love the whipped soap, and I love that it has a lid so I clean it up and put it away so they don't over use it.

Dennis still has his big Milestone Event Sale going, if you want to treat your skin, you won't be sorry! I'm so glad I finally ordered some, I'll never go back to store bought soaps.

So, I leave you with those squeeky clean thoughts for the weekend! I hope you have a wonderful one doing whatever you love, with those you love to be with!

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nuvonova said...

If postage wasn't so expensive for most of the soaps I want to buy via Etsy (to ship to the UK) ..I'd probably be buying one every week!